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First Season


Ana  ia forest engineer focused on changing her family's business, proving to her father, a powerful rancher, that sustainable models can generate even more money than traditional ones and still bring social and environmental benefits.

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The Series

In feudal Japan in the 19th century, peasant Ayumi struggles to protect Ren, her great love, pursued by a corrupt tyrant, after his father, the head of the village, denounced him for abusive tax collection in the hamlet. They circumvent death, unite an entire village, fight samurai and still face the cold and looters, on the dangerous journey towards the Monastery of Soheis (warrior monks), where they seek refuge and training to obtain justice.

A century later, Ayumi is Ana, a newly formed forest engineer, descended from wealthy generations of cattle ranchers in Valença, Rio de Janeiro, who travels to the Amazon to implant in her family's lands an innovative agricultural technique that recovered the landscapes spent by livestock in her hometown. Upon arriving in Paragominas she is surprised by the discovery of illegal logging on her farm. When investigating the environmental crime Ana rediscovers Ren, who in this life is Antônio, an astute and influential lawyer. He helps her to catch the culprits, while your growing feelings show that there is an even greater mystery between the two.

General Data

Coalition Point is a animated series;


Format: 1st season with 12 episodes, 30 minutes each; 

Genre: Action, Drama and Romance;


Tone: Realistic with an emphasis on the solution. Optimism and teamwork will prevail;

Target Audience: Adults, Young People and Teenagers from Classes A, B and C;

Players: Streaming Platforms and Cable TV Channels.

Pilot Episode

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