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Director General of the Peabiru Institute, in Pará
President of ASMELC
Association of Meliponiculturists
in Curuçá, Pará
Founding Partner of MMIB
Women´s Movement of the Island of Belém, in Cotijuba - Pará
From Curuçá - Pará,
in memoriam
Founder of the Socioenvironmental Development Institute There in the Mangrove
Iraquara Institute, in Amazon
In Rio de Janeiro
In Rio de Janeiro
​In Rio de Janeiro
Of Rio de Janeiro
In São Paulo
In memoriam
From UFPA Federal University of Pará
From EMATER - Government Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Company,
in Curuçá - Pará
An environmentalist renowned for his work in Rio de Janeiro
In Rio de Janeiro
Creator of the Pão de Açúcar Verde Project/Ecoflora Institute, in Rio de Janeiro
Whose studies and works were a very important source of  knowledge:
Director Partner at Fat Bear Produções, in São Paulo
Life and Career Coach, in Rio de Janeiro
Therapist and Thetahealing Instructor, in Rio de Janeiro
Filmmaker and founder of Extreme Stories, a Production Company, in São Paulo
Designer and
Digital Marketing Analyst
Philosopher, therapist and hair designer
Director General of the Peabiru Institute, in Pará

Thanks him for opening to me the doors of the productive groups with which him worked in the Amazon. That was how, indirectly, he introduced to me the socio-environmental initiatives, such as: Community-based Ecotourism, Meliponiculture, Biojewelry, Family Farming and Artisanal Paper Production.

It was with his example that I understood the role of the third sector, which should operate as a facilitator in the organization of community leaders, based on listening to the needs and potentials described by the community itself. It was with his work too, that I learned about the joint creation, in a participatory way, of a plan of action local sustainable development, following the precepts of Agenda 21.

João Meirelles
President of ASMELC
Association of Meliponiculturists in Curuçá, Pará

Great woman, warrior, strong, intelligent and friend, to whom I thank the confidence and great friendship that has been going on for over ten years! Together we wrote a project, the winner “Maré Alta”, which helped communities in the seven locations of the Mãe Grande de Curuçá Reserve, with the strengthening of three productive chains: Meliponiculture; Production of Açaí and Taperebá and Confection of Cosmetics based on honey. The project also provided machinery, inputs, vehicle, freezers for the pulps and a survey conducted in partnership with UFPA - Federal University of Pará, on the stingless bees in the region and the most suitable flower for them.

I miss waking up and eating that delicious tapioca just in butter with coffee; I miss our chats, at night, concerned about the future of Curuçá, mainly because of the floating port / Espadarte port, issue that would considerably destroy the natural wealth, which would affect the approximately 30 thousand local inhabitants, the majority with low training, income below the minimum wage, that is, dependent on natural resources to survive.

It was at her house, with her daughter, Jamilly, and her mother, Mrs. Luzia, that I learned about medicinal herbs, a knowledge that belongs to the traditional communities of the Amazon, passed down from generation to generation. And it was with Lili that I deepened my knowledge about Meliponiculture, the creation of stingless bees. ASMELC's main mission is to produce and supply honey, derivatives and honey-based cosmetics in a sustainable way, aiming at health and beauty, promoting income generation and quality of life for employees. For this they created the ART MEL brand. ASMELC also contributes to an equal human development between men and women, strengthening the role of women within the domestic and public sphere. To this end, the association is led and administered mainly by women.

Maria Liliana
Founding Partner of MMIB
Women's Movement of the Islands of Belém, in Cotijuba - Pará

Adriana has always been an example of a human being, a strong, beautiful, intelligent, fair, loving, hardworking and leader woman. She opened her institute's doors for me, and showed me how sustainable activities are developed at MMIB - Women's Movement of the Islands of Belém, such as: Production of handmade paper (banana fiber - a part that would be discarded, a technology created by them); Recycled Paper (cardboard, paper and egg shape); Seed Processing; Biojewelry Production; Production of Packaging and Stationery Items and Digital Inclusion.


Be delighted with the MMIB's mission to promote social and economic development in the region through eco-sustainable production and contribute to an egalitarian and social human development of women and men from the islands of Belém, without political, party, religious, ethnic and social discrimination . The MMIB is among the rare species of small certified farmers in the Amazon. They are certified in priprioca (an aromatic root) and other products such as vegetables by the Institute Biodinâmic - IBD.

As I had full confidence in Adriana and MMIB already highlighted since 2009, as a model organization, with great credibility, including in partnerships with UFPA (Federal University of Pará), receiving between 3 and 4 group visits monthly engaged in Social and Environmental Initiatives, I chose this association as a pilot for the Amazon Fair project. In general, the project consists of the creation of a virtual store, on the website to support the use of agricultural products and small entrepreneurs in the Amazon in the marketing of their sustainable products and services.


The project involves actions such as training, social inclusion, green economy, combating the concentration of income and strengthening community initiatives. This achievement would allow the extraordinary opportunity to create an e-commerce focused on the flow of sustainable production from producing communities in the Amazon, as well as training for the community in managing their business and in the system for direct updating of the website, which would not only be used for commercialization of its products, but also for valuing and disseminating the local community.

It was the principle of the dream of acting in the Amazon based on fair trade, which included communities in a production chain, which valued producers and generated direct income for them, without intermediaries, who almost always paid ridiculous amounts for all production.

The project also had the main purpose of enabling the community to achieve definitive financial autonomy, to organize itself in cooperatives, standardize its products, acquire machinery, training and, most importantly, that all income obtained was from initiatives that conserve the environment and provide a fair distribution of income, since the marketed value would be divided among the members of the association.

The project has not yet managed to bring the financial autonomy we wanted. The site is rarely visited, but there has certainly been progress (machinery, training, increased sales, etc.) and we have not yet given up on making the virtual store better used, generating more income for MMIB and other producers' associations in the Amazon.

From Curuçá – Pará,
in memoriam

Great friend, who helped me since my first trip to Curuçá, in the Amazon. He received me in his land with respect and generosity, taught me about Curuçá and the “curuçaenses” (people from Curuçá); introduced me to his family (parents, wife and children), took me on a boat and to the “igarapés” (small rivers) that meet the sea; and even helped me make contact with other local associations.

It was Xavier who told me about artisanal fishing; respect for the closed season (breeding season for crabs and fish); and the natural wealth of a municipality with countless endemic species, only found there. It is hard to believe that he died so young, I think that as one of God's trusted men, he returned to his arms. Certainly one of the most upright people who have ever passed on Earth, it is not for nothing that one of the characters of Coalition Point will bear his name, someone like that should be remembered forever. Xavier is character, work, kindness and inspiration.

Founder of the Socioenvironmental Development Institute There in the Mangrove

I am grateful for the friendship, intelligence, proactivity, entrepreneurship, creativity and strength of Charles, who taught me a lot about Community Based Ecotourism. He does an important job of raising awareness and conserving the region, masterfully exercising the occupation of tourist guide and environmental agent.


Charles also helped me to understand the social, environmental and political issues of Curuçá, located in the Northeast of Pará, or in what is known as Salgado’s zone, one of the most devastated areas and with the worst income distribution in the Amazon. Since: 98% the vegetation cover of this area was changed without any improvement in the living conditions of the local inhabitants and the remaining 2%, made up of mangroves, sandbanks and swamp forests, are the basis for the survival of average thirty thousand families, who live from artisanal fish and shrimp fishing, crab collection and agriculture.


Curuçá has the highest and most biodiverse mangroves on the planet! There are approximately 85 species of fish (sole, mullet, sea bass and others.), crustaceans (shrimp, crab), molluscs (sururu, shellfish, and oyster), native birds (maned, heron and kingfisher) and even mammals (such as the boto and the marine manatee). The region is also part of the route for some migratory birds, coming from the United States and Canada. A sanctuary that needs to be preserved.

Charles Cardoso
Iraquara Institute​, in Amazon

Fernando as an environmentalist, belonging to the Third Sector, and Antonilson (Nilson) as a community leader. Both are amazing and very smart! Nilson accompanied the whole project with Fernando, and when the project was over, he took over the Institute, took care of the local community and brilliantly continued the work done so far, even getting new resources on his own. I visited him in Itapiranga, city of botos, and I was very proud of his hives and the laboratory.

Nilson is not only a master on the subject; above all, he is a warrior! Only it in order to make Meliponiculture in Brazil, the activity is technically complex and full of obstacles. If today it is difficult, in the past was worst.

All scientific, legal and technical advances in Meliponiculture are the result of a joint effort by several scientists and environmentalists. However, three must be cited and honored. They dedicated their lives, despite little funding, encouragement and recognition. The parents of Meliponiculture are: professors Paulo Nogueira Neto and Warwick Estevam Kerr; and the environmentalist Fernando Oliveira, I include the latter because the guy has achieved a huge feat, calling himself as “stupid” (see the simplicity of this person!), he is the man whom created a new model of rational cash, in the year 2000, scientifically adopted by SEBRAE and EMBRAPA.

Fernando Oliveira
In Rio de Janeiro

I met Alexandre Gontijo on the occasion of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, also known as Rio + 20, when he was invited me, by IEVA, to speak there, about the Amazon Fair’s project, in addition to exhibiting Biojewelry, Handmade Paper and Office Items, manufactured by MMIB.


It was certainly a great honor for me to present together with countless leaders and organizations from different countries. Rio + 20 was attended by heads of state and government from 188 nations, as well as representatives from the Vatican, Palestine and the European Community, who reiterated their commitments to the sustainability of development, especially with regard to the way in which the planet's natural resources are being used.

In Rio de Janeiro

I visited Tibá in 2015 and I was delighted with the original and human proposal, but, above all, with the teamwork and the union of those people towards a common goal: the challenge of doing more using less resources of nature.

Tibá is an educational center of applied ecology and low impact architecture. The alternative school was founded in 1987 by, the architect and urban planner, Johan Van Lengen, legend of the sustainability movement around the world - author of the Barefoot Architect Manual.

To disseminate his ideas, I included a character known as “the inventor” in the Coalition Point series. He is a researcher from the “Museum Paraense Emílio Goeldi”, who plays the harmonica, smokes exotic herbs from the Amazon and do in his farm several of the experiments described by Johan Van Lengen, technologies clean, such as septic tank, solar panels, bio digester, water reuse system and others. He uses “adobe” to build his house.

In Rio de Janeiro

I am grateful to the Honorable Consul Rina Ishikawa and her Cultural Advisor, Ms. Gabriela Yussa, who saw Coalition Point, as a work that connects the culture and inspirations of both Brazil and Japan, and supported us in the search for producers, screenwriters and agents of the Japanese audiovisual market, for the production of the Japanese part.

Also for the very rich collection that allowed us an extensive research of the history of Japan, in the Edo and Meiji eras.

Of Rio de Janeiro

I am grateful for the support given to the development of the project, through Mr. Vinicius Azevedo, Audiovisual Superintendent and Mr. Marco Casimiro, Mr. Caio Vidal and Mr. Bruno Garcia, from the International Relations Advisory area.

In São Paulo

I am grateful for the extensive and complete documentation on the Amazon rainforest, history of the occupation of the Amazon, the impact of logging in the region (threatened and extinct species), deforestation and burning, forest management (possibilities for a sustainable future in the Amazon), advances in environmental brazilian legislation and participation in the Conference of Parties (COP) - supreme organ of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

In Memoriam

I am grateful for the documentation, that denounces slave and child labor, violence, murders and massacres in rural areas, throughout Brazil, and in the case of this series, in the Amazon.


Coalition Point honors the missionary Dorothy Stang, with a character based on her, who was murdered in land conflicts in Pará, while practicing with the peasants, activities aimed at sustainable development

In memoriam, founder of IDSM - Mamirauá Sustainable Development Institute, in Amazon

The series Coalition Point honors this Brazilian hero, creator of Mamirauá, the first Sustainable Development Reserve (RDS). He saved endemic species such as the white uacari monkeys and the smell of the black face, the red dolphin, the alligator-açú, the sloth and “pirarucu” (kind of fish), in addition to providing a sustainable source of income for the local community, through Pousada Uacari, a pioneering community-based ecotourism initiative.

Ayres is also responsible for the existence of the largest ecological corridor in the world, with 8 million uninterrupted hectares, thanks to having created a second reserve next to Mamirauá, another RDS, called Amanã, with 2.5 million hectares, which joined to the Jaú National Park. Thus, the three together form the largest contiguous protected forest area, hence Ayres being considered the father of the planet's biodiversity.

Thanks to Fernanda S. who met me in Manaus and helped me to understand the extent and importance of this institute.

José Márcio
From EMBRAPA, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, in Rio de Janeiro

I am grateful for the trust and respect of Mr. Jorge Araújo de Souza Lima, PhD in Ecology and Natural Resources, from the State University of Norte Fluminense, specialized in Agroforestry Systems, who helped me a lot in understanding this subject, and always encouraged and supported me in the creation / carrying out socio-environmental projects, offering a precious partnership.

From UFPA Federal University of Pará

I am grateful for Dr. Plácido Magalhães, who conducted a pioneering study in the municipality of Curuçá and of great importance for the advancement of Meliponiculture (creation of stingless bees). The research was carried out through the project “Maré Alta” and allowed to obtain concrete data about the species most visited by bees. With this result, the meliponiculturists in Curuçá will be able to preserve these species and increase their productivity with the seedlings provided by the project.

According to the Guido Castagnino, post-doctorate in bee pathology and professor of zootechnics, bees have a fundamental role in the preservation of nature, being the main pollinators and assisting in the reproduction in more than 90% of plant species in the tropics and 80% in temperate zones. “If the bees disappeared from the face of the Earth, the human species would have only four more years to live. Without bees, there is no pollination, that is, without plants, without animals, without men. ” - Albert Einstein.

In addition, UFPA also carried out in the “Maré Alta” Project the microbiological analysis of honey and the good practices in food manufacturing workshop.


From EMATER - Government Technical Assisteance and Rural Extension Company,

In Curuçá - Pará

Thanks to Mr. Roberto Ianes da Rocha Vieira, coordinator of the local office in Curuçá, who made an agronomist engineer available for the “Maré Alta” project to assist in the planting of açaí and taperebá seedlings and to raise the necessary materials for irrigation of the areas. This resulted in an increase in vegetation and flowering around the communities of Curuçá.

Also by the CAR (Rural Environmental Registry) of the associates with their area document regularized.


An environmentalist renowned for his work in Rio de Janeiro


I greatly appreciate Ingo's confidence in wanting to work together with me on socio-environmental projects, and even being part of the institute I founded in 2012, IBJ – Brazil Fair Institute, in Rio de Janeiro.

Of German nationality, he studied at Corcovado school and graduated in Agronomic Engineering from UFRRJ - Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro. Throughout his more than 30 years of experience, he has worked as a scientist, environmentalist, journalist, technical officer and coordinator of Environmental Education, Nurseries and Reforestation projects.

Award at the Brazil Germany Chamber, at the Von Martius Award, Honorable Mention in 4th place Environmental Education Category, Award at Firjan State Stage of the Ecology Award of the National Industry Confederation and advisor to the Parque Pedra Branca Management Committee.


Creator of the Pão de Açúcar Verde Project / Ecoflora Institute, in Rio de Janeiro


I would like to thank environmentalist Sávio, from the “Pão de Açúcar Verde” Project, who has been reforesting an area of 2.5 ha since 2002 on the east side of the Pão de Açúcar hill, for the partnership in the construction of the “Crescer Juntos” Project, aimed at serving the community of Itaboraí ( districts of Manilha and Itambi).

Unfortunately, we are still unable to carry out the actions of this project, due to lack of sponsorship, however, meeting Sávio, a specialist in Reforestation, was a wonderful experience!

Together we idealized reforestation actions with 50 native species from the Atlantic Forest, demonstrative planting (with parents and children focused on complementary education) and educational lectures for the community.


In Rio de Janeiro

I am grateful to Célio, orthomolecular clinical pharmacist and administrative director of IBJ (Institute Brasil Justo), carrying out 100% of the planned in Amazon Fair Project and meeting the expectations of Adriana (founder partner of MMIB), of the associates and Petrobras (sponsor), who even granted it extension.

I also acknowledge every month that he worked, with me and Lili (president of ASMELC), to overcome each of the stages of the Ecoforte Extractivist, with the “Maré Alta” Project. The selection process took about 1 year and I don't think we could achieve this without his help. Also for the course “Maré Alta na Telinha”, in the Maré Alta Project, made by Célio, in Pará.

Above all, because he stayed in my place, sharing and supporting me in my mission, while I was pregnant and then taking care of our son, still small. Gratitude for believing in me, as ex husband, and mainly, a friend. 


Whose studies and works were a very important source of  knowledge:


WWF Would Wildlife Fund - Silvia Dias

Friends of the Earth

IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources),

IMAZON (Institute of Man and Environment of the Amazon),

Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi,

INPA (National Institute for Research in the Amazon)

INPE (National Institute for Space Research),

Berta Becker

Charles Clement


Director Partner at Fat Bear Produções, in São Paulo


I met Cristiano at the Darci Ribeiro Film School, in a 16 hours course that he taught, specific to the TV Series Screenplay. He is a director and screenwriter and I was fortunate to have his availability to work with me in revising the script for this series. He made assertive criticisms, some of which I accepted at the time, others not.


However, with time and my maturity as a writer, I naturally realized how relevant and consistent his orientations were. Certainly, Cris was fundamental in the evolution of my writing and in the perception of the essence of being a fiction writer. I thank him for his competence, rational conduct, moderation, professionalism and support.


Life and Career Coach, in Rio de Janeiro

I met Juliana on a course of mountaineer at the club “Excursionista Carioca”. I was 16 and she was 30. The difference of age was not a barrier to us becoming great friends. From there on, Ju started to be with me in all the years of my life bringing joy, wisdom, understanding for my mistakes and support in difficult times. Today she is the godmother of my son Paulinho and for more than 20 years my sister, mother, friend, partner in the fight for the environment and activist. A person I admire and love so much.

But the reason why Ju is here on this  page is not our friendship. It is because she is an incredible person and contributed to the most important project of my life, that of this series: Coalition Point. After a long career in the area of Information Technology, where she has been working as a Data Administrator, she retired and migrated to another profession of Life and Career Coaching. An activity she started in 2015, after her training at INAP - Institut of Applied Neurolinguistics. Please check out

As a coach, Ju managed to push me forward and brought great progress in the realization of this project. We worked together for a total period of two years, with fortnightly meetings focused on the goals we agreed on. My enormous gratitude for her friendship, competence and professionalism.


Therapist and Thetahealing Instructor, in Rio de Janeiro


Gerd is a very dear friend, an open-minded, easy, generous person and a defender of human rights. With his free spirit he left Austria and came to live in Brazil, but he never left his country carrying in his huge  heart all the countries and people of our planet!

Graduated as production and automation engineer, he left the corporate world dedicating himself taking care of people's health, becoming a therapist and instructor of Thetahealing (an energy healing technique with scientific base).

I thank Gerd for his diverse contributions as a translator, in various socio-environmental projects and applications in international announcements.


Filmmaker and founder of Extreme Stories, a Production Company,

in São Paulo

I would like to thank Claudio for his friendship, intelligence, ethics, respect and constructive criticism of my work. He was truly kind offering his production company, Extreme Stories, so that I could enroll The Coalition Point project in film festivals and move forward with it, taking part in pitches for the Content industry. With his support, I got invitations to business roundtables, with two big players: Fox and Gaumont International.

I admire Claudio for his versatility. He is simple guy, always trying to combine his professional career in finance with his wild and creative side. He is an explorer and mountain climber, passionate about nature, who uses his cinematographic art as a way to make a better world for every living creature. As a one-man band filmmaker, he researches, writes, shoots, edits, produces and directs his own documentaries, mostly focused on environment conservation and endangered species.

As an example of his work is “Tatanka Vs Montana” (2016), filmed in Yellowstone National Park, USA, shows the battle between the last herd of wild buffalo and the state of Montana.  The film was selected in BSDFF 2017 USA - Montana (14th Big Sky Documentary Film Festival), in which it had its world premiere, a great result that attests to Claudio's competence. Check it out at

Designer and
Digital Marketing Analyst

I met Juliana and Denise while still in the Faculty of Communication. From then on, our friendship just grew. We went through countless stages together, from flirting, dating until to weddin and finally the children came. Now we are watching with joy our children who are increasingly united. I am very proud of the strong and constant group that we have formed for so many years. Also, from our long-standing working partnership! Juliana has already done countless projects for me. She is a fantastic designer! And Denise is a tremendous writer! The two made "D&Ju Design", and with their talent, captured exactly what I wanted to this site.

Thanks! Love you!



I am a friend of Fernanda, one of the owners of the company “Mania de Clicar”, for about 20 years and we have already worked a lot of together, but in the last year, this has intensified. She produced, for me, videos of various types, including those from Pitching 1 and 2 of the Coalition Point series, on the homepage of this website. With so much talent, dedication and love, the result soon emerged, with Memory Videos, Fernanda's performance front focusing on commemorative content. I also thanks her for our friendship, which I carry in my heart. We support each other a lot on the most delicate phases of our lives: the time of our newborn babies (we became pregnant together) and now in the pandemic.

Thank you, Fer! I love you!


Philosopher, therapist

and hair designer

I met Helena as a child, cause I was fortunate to be her neighbor. Since then, it has been more than 30 years of a delicious and true friendship!

I thank her, this beautiful, intense, sensitive, caring and intelligent friend for the diverse contributions on my road as a screenwriter. She was the one who spoke to me about the argument the first time, which helped me a lot in the creation and organization of my story. Helena also lent me books, explained concepts about the script, gave tips from institutions like the Darci Ribeiro Film School and nominations for edicts.

I love you Leninha!

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