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Project Presentation

Coalition Point is a animated series that treats the effects on the environment in a pioneering way, under a bias of positivity, paths and connections, with romance and adventure. The series addresses topics such as reincarnation, martial arts and Buddhism. Half of the story takes place in Feudal Japan, a small part in the afterlife, and the rest in Brazil in the 90s..


Relevance: In globalized and capitalist neoliberal societies, forests in their raw and natural form gain value only when deforested, processed, and sold as commodities. Throughout history in the entire world, no country has given priority to conservation or sustainability and this has led to the extinction of most of the world's forests. Thus, it is a content of essential importance for the survival of the next generations and the life of the species on the planet, and its defense is a duty of both the public power and the collectivity.


Origin: The series was written from the experience of a journalist, who after her research in the Amazon and living with traditional communities, founded an NGO and carried out socio-environmental actions in the region with the support of local leaders and partner institutions. She witnessed the gratifying transformation in the Amazonian reality, even on a small scale, and wished to share with humanity her hope and the many paths that still exist for a sustainable future.


National Context: Brazil is going through one of the most delicate moments of its history, with the rise of a conservative ultra-right, anchored in the support of Ruralist and Armed Forces. In this scenario, the Amazon, sanctuary of humanity, is threatened and social public policies restricted. The Brazilian people are disbelieving in democratic institutions, overwhelmed by their sense of powerlessness, successive political disappointments, forgetting the exercise of their citizenship, both by vote and by direct action in the surrounding community and in environmental conservation.

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